Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reagan's surgery tomorrow Friday the 21st

Our precious Reagan (8)
will be having surgery tomorrow morning!
We have to arrive at 6:15 am and he will be first in.
This will be his 8th Surgery and the 2nd in 3 months.

He will be having a bone graft from his hip bone to fill the hole in his upper gum line
We will be staying the night and will go home hopefully Saturday
Prayers are requested for our precious little guy.

He is such a trooper - he does not think much of this - we know his hip bone will definitely be sore
for a while after this.  Will try and post and Facebook updates from Children's

Thank you for your faithful prayers

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Sadie said...

God bless you on your hospital stay - they are never easy, but generally so successful!!

Taylor did a beautiful job on the Christmas story - so sincere. Hoping you and your family have a wonderful New Year.

Sara, Ivy, Chrissy, Geneva, & Kellie.

You may not remember to the detail, but I adopted Kellie from Dongguan when you adopted Taylor. We were a few days apart, but met at the Cow & Bridge one night. In fact, you took some pictures of Kellie at the orphanage, wearing a white dress.
We have all come so far!!

Sara (Q. Would I do it all again? - Answer: Yes-you bet! In a heartbeat!!)