Friday, January 21, 2011

6:15 am

At 5:30 am - just hours away we will be leaving the house.... Reagan and I to drive to Children's.
At 6:15 am we check in
At approx 7:30-8 am Surgery will begin and Dr. Egbert and his intern in training will work at scrapping bone from Reagan's left hip (opposite side) and then the other doctor will be taking this bone and put it into the whole in his upper gum on the right side.  This will take a few days and will mold like cement and the bone will set and hold Reagan's teeth as they move them about to straighten them.  They will also be removing one more tooth - which will make it 5 since October.

This should be his last surgery for now - which is #8 - he should have one more when he is about 16.
So continue to keep our little guy in prayer!!

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