Friday, January 21, 2011

surgery update 8:30 am

So we left for Children's at 5:35 am this morning and got there at 6:10 am for our 6:15 am check in. It was raining hard and i was not sure if we would be on time? but traffic was light this morning in spite of all the rain. They are expecting mud slides this wknd. At least it is not all the snow the mid-west and east coast are now having.

We went through all the usual check in- triple-plus check his id to make sure they have the right body going in. Lamie got a hospital neck braclet too -(she has made the rounds - this was a gift to Kaitlyn from their AZ cousin, but Reagan now has it and loves it) - thanks Caryn!

We got him dressed in his gown and waiting and cuddled until it was time to go. He did not want his picture taken. He is just starting to go through a no-photo stage (my boy is growing up) - so did not push and just got this lovely back end shot :-)

They got him around 7:30 am and i understand they were putting him under around 8 am with his choice of bubblegum flavor gas (we get to keep the mask later) - have a collection of them now!!

They said at about 9:30 am i would get an update and then around 10 am he will be done and head into recovery.  Then will be led to his room where Scott and i will be waiting for him. Thank goodness for WiFi.  Scott is just taking the kids to school now, so then will head our way and be here hopefully in time for when Reagan comes to the room.  I am ready for a nap - my Grande coffee is not working hard enough !!

So then we should be staying the night.  The top picture is from last night. The school had a PTA mtg + Speg dinner, and had an art show with all the kids submissions. This is Reagan with his snake watercolor painting.  He us so proud. Kaitlyn did a nice project and it was posted as well. Will show later.
We could not make the mtg since we headed off to get a new car!!! Yes, we were blessed with a wonderful gift of a BRAND NEW mini van, a 2011 Sienna XLE AWD, with only 20 miles on it. So they are detailing it and prep'g it for us and we will pick it up on Saturday after Reagan is released. So last night i drove home in a new Versa which is also very nice - Scott even talked the manager to treating us to a McDonald's dinner since we had not really eaten and the kids were hungry. Got an amazing deal and just so grateful for this gift.  We at this point with keep our 1999 Sienna with 235,000 miles on it as Scott's back-up car - until this one dies. It has served us very well and we just fell in love with how well it performed and low maintenance.  I am thrilled to have a new car again.


Amy said...

We traded for a "new" car this summer...though we didn't get one as new as yours! It is a blessing not to worry about what will break down next though!!! Hang in there with the surgery...I will say a prayer for you all.

Tricia said...

I hope all went well. Enjoy your new car too.