Saturday, July 31, 2010

Missing in Action?

Is Lavonne Missing?
So in the past week i have been asked 3 different times what has happened to me and if I am ok?
I guess I did not realize that June 21st was my last post - a week after school ended? Hummm
I wonder if something happened that has taken my time?
Well I now have 4 "needy" children home all day long every day all summer that is 2 MONTHS!
Counting the days until September when i can have more order in my life again :-)
Then we were starting to countdown my unemployment and really had to look at selling our home and also continue to look for jobs all over including out of state.
So with trying to do interviews at home, arranging with Scott to watch the kids or locking the bedroom door for quite (which Kaitlyn now has figured out how to open!!!)
while i do a phone call or interview... it has been interesting. then for the past 3-4 weeks we have been working on our yard - yes - photo's to come (Have been still busy shooting - just not posting) So have stained the deck, we are almost finished washing and staining the fence, i pruned 2 years of overgrown trees in the front and back of the house and just have a few more to clean up.... we removed 20 years of bark and roots from our backyard garden which was about 2 inches of the topsoil - now having to be removed..... then removing dead or unwanted plants, weeding, and today putting in 4 large ferns we got free from Scott's brother Chris with more to come.... installing 12 - 12" bricks as new steps in our back yard to the power lines, fixing the fence and gates, making a path behind our fence, cutting back 5-6 trees behind our fence which were dying..... then we tackled the garden (growing) and removing years of moss from our bricks (pathway) ---- all which are almost done but not completed.
Some days i have been outside for 8+ hrs working - also have been paying the kids $ .5/hr so on a good day have had all 4 working 2 hrs for me weeding and picking rocks or cleaning moss.
Today all 4 worked at the moss and grass in the bricks near our shed. Yet are getting rich from mom :-)
So with that and all the other things going on - on a daily basis including Reagan at 2 camps, today was a Rodeo for the boys and a birthday party for the girls..... we have just been plain busy. It is looking better - my unemployment ran out in July but was able to have it reinstated up to early Nov I believe so that takes some pressure off us. It is nice to actually have this work done, but have done little play time with the kids and feel a bit bad, but trying to get all this work done and find work as well. It has been a growing time for all of us.
Pray for us and me next week as i have a 3rd interview for a job in Phoenix AZ - there are a few of us candidates and i am hoping to clear this hurdle and then fly there. If this would happen I would move out there and Scott would look for work and we would possibly rent this house out?
We had a house sell 3 doors down from us at a total loss - i believe close to $80-100,000 below value so that really affects us trying to sell this place. So still working through a lot of stuff and figuring out our options. I thought i had some freelance work coming in but got an email tonight they lost the contract - so will see what else is out there. Have one interesting job i want to apply for tomorrow that i think I'd be a great fit for, and reworking my resume and stuff since you have to really market yourself and be quick..... it is a very different market and for me harder since i am looking at re-positioning myself in a whole new industry and field and how or what skills do i have that can transfer over? Lots of self evaluating.
Taylor has Surgery on August 16th to release the automatic sensor on her Veptr titanium bar to assist her growth, and we just had Reagan to the dentist and he will be having dental surgery on Oct 27th just before Halloween (poor guy) to have 4-5 teeth removed and revisit a bone graft so never a dull moment for us and then School is a month away, preparing for school getting supplies and stuff on their lists.
So Scott and I usually crash in bed - in total exhaustion these days - I miss my down time but find time in the yard a bit calming for me - so this is where my rest comes from :-)
I hope to start posting again since we are now in August - was really hoping to have most of this yard work done so we could move to new projects - I am hoping by the wknd end? that is a stretch - but it is a goal!!
Should have pix up and views of the changes in our yard soon!!
Hope all are well and please stay in touch
Lavonne 7-31-10

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Teresa said...

Glad to hear you all are ok ~ I had wondered where you were and was going to email soon!! Keeping you all in our prayers and that will God provide the perfect position for you:)