Monday, August 2, 2010

The mess... and an entertaining story of pets in our house

Well will try and post pix tomorrow - but we now have a red fence?

Scott bought some stain on sale cheap - i know why!! i think it was clearance of a non-selling item which is a nice barn red color - for me it is far from my color of preference - and we are over half way done and i am hoping they still have more of this ugly color to finish the fence.

Scott only bought 2 cans i knew it would take at least 3 - so he goes back today to get some more and then a bit of some brown for me to tone it down!?

With every step we uncover more stuff in need of repair. Scott started at the back-side of the house yesterday - we have this little closet thing for the power... to the hot tub - when we moved in the door was just hanging there - well it is desperate need of painting as is many things - we have learned lots in purchasing this house :-)

Well as Scott was working on it - he found all the roof tiles rotten and in much need of replacing and the walls warped and in need of replacing - it needs to be taken down, but on our budget it will get rehashed??????

Well a funny story about rodents... Scott is an Entomologist which is a bug man in the killing form as he works for a pest control company here. Well in Feb he found a deer mouse running across our laundry room floor - so the next day set up traps in the crawl space and then closed up holes and killed about 6. A week later found the food stash of cat food in the shoe closet. So i thought we were done!!

Well last week Sat night (9 days ago) I woke up at 3am to hear Lily busy chasing something near the staircase. I woke Scott up and we watched as Lily caught a Deer Mouse in her mouth - tail hanging out until she tried to re-grip and lost the little guy who went under the stove. So the next day Scott pulled out the stove and closed up the area and cleaned and sprayed. Well we though we were done! the next day i was cleaning our bathroom floor and hit the wall by the shower and a bunch of ants fell out -once i got the floor cleaning solution near the moulding i had a ton of ants come out which once i got Scott to check - we discovered they are moisture ants - so now have to pull back the wall and see how much damage we have. Scott when we moved in had to replace the flooring and prob should have done the wall too - so we may have a major task/project ahead of us - not something we are looking forward too.
More for my bug man to do - humm - hope it happens soon!!

So Monday night at 11:30 pm - i see Lily's back and tail sticking out of the Living Room sofa and Odessa sitting nearby watching tentatively as we are climbing the stairs and i say to Scott this is not normal and I think i know what is up.... so we head down and only mins later a little Deer Mouse runs across our living room - i grabbed my camera and we all start running around the room like a circus act - Scott, the cats and I - it was very funny chasing this mouse with containers trying to catch it - finally we did and the cats found it all very interesting. Scott had a cage and thought it would be nice to keep the little guy? not me!
So off to the garage the little went and Reagan named it for his birthday.....

Then Tues night Scott came home with a house mouse he caught on the job and so we had two cages of mice - I am definitely not thrilled with my Entomologist and the thought of hiring someone else crosses my mind.

So for the next few days we enjoy these two mice??? and the kids want to show them to everyone who comes by. So Reagan heads for camp last week and Tues or Wed night we are outside and Scott sees another Deer mouse scurry on the deck to the BBQ Grill - ugh!
So between him and I we try and catch it and he finally does and puts it in the cage with the other deer mouse - this guy jumps really high and we have concerns the house mouse is stressed and could die.

So by Friday we get Reagan and show him our new pets - by Friday night I go to bed and hear Kaitlyn say to me - that when they checked in on the mice - the house mouse is dead and the other two are missing ???? did i hear her right? so i was going to ask Scott and fell asleep and then on Sat ask Scott and he confirms that the 2 Deer mice had chewed their way out of the plastic cage ... you have to almost laugh at this - I now have no idea where they are and they are either in the garage or the house?

Sat night - Scott sets out glue traps (human) - now these guys are no longer cute! we find that they have chewed a hole in our plastic door sweep to get into the laundry room from the garage and are back eating the cat food. Scott had not thought through all the circumstances and as we just got to bed we hear a thump and a bump.... and we run downstairs to find Odessa our cat stuck to one of the glue boards and we have to pull out the veg oil etc to clean her up - thankfully she was not to traumatized by this - i am just laughing yet feeling sorry for my cat.

Sunday morning - Scott checks and we have one little Deer mouse caught - but the smarter of the two figured out things and chewed more of the sweep to get past the glue board and not get caught. So as of today he is still on the loose - but has left his poop markings all over - we even think he has gone back into the cage to get some food?

So one is still out there and i am sure there are more in the crawl space and i am hoping my husband will get his tools and resolve my issues of having my cat bring a dead or live mouse onto my bed to show off her prize!! Not something i will want to wake up to :-)

Lavonne - 8-2-10

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Scott said...

I can bring one and leave it on your bed also ... but it might not be the one I'm trying to get in our house!