Monday, June 21, 2010

Winston's 2nd Gotcha Day

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Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Winston

Hard to believe that last Tuesday the 15th it was our anniversary of celebrating two years having our precious Winston join our family. June 15th, 2008 was Father's Day and Scott and Grandpa Jim flew to Xi'an city in Shaanxi Province, China and walked into the Civil Affairs office and saw our precious (An, HuJun) Winston who was suppose to be 3-1/2 but later we found out he was actually 4. He was very sad - since he had lived pretty much his whole life living in an orphanage and all that he knew and loved was there.

He took Grandpa Jim for a walk the next day heading back to the Civil Affairs office looking for his nanny. He grieved pretty hard and was a true challenge for these men those first few days :-)

He was such a precious little guy who bonded right away, but tested boundaries and was covered head to toe in open sores which we learned was a bad case of eczema with a staph infection. They almost were quarantined at the hotel - but managed to have this confirmed.

The last two years this little guy had more surgery that was unplanned to remove his tonsils so he could start to grow, was fully speaking English in 2 months, and gained a passion for anything fast - esp. race cars!! The first few days home he had to adjust to "live" animals which he was terribly fearful of, but now loves our cats and other kinds like dogs and horses. This year finally got over the fear of swimming and now loves it. This little man can pack away the food and loves his "meat" there is not much he won't eat!!!

Small in stature but this guy has a huge confidence level, and is very strong. He is an avid talker and is best friends with his virtual twin Taylor - yet can be arch enemies as well. Competition is fierce for these two.... who will start Kindergarten in September together. He loves his big brother and wants to do everything Reagan does, yet his daddy can do no wrong! He wants to be just like daddy when he grows up and at his graduation noted when he grows up wants to be a scientist. He loves to have holding time with mommy and we often get snuggling time in bed together. We had a difficult journey getting our 4th, but after viewing 4 other boys God directed us to this guy and the process was quick and easy and 7-1/2 months later he was home!

We now have a lifetime to get to know him and continue to see him blossom into the man God wants him to be.


Mom and Dad and Siblings - 6-21-10

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Maggie S said...

Long time...lovely post. Praying for your family.