Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010 at the Dideon's

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Today was Father's Day - for Scott this is #6 - yet we also celebrated our 2 year anniversary of getting Winston (posting will come shortly) - on the 15th which was Father's Day that year (2008) and Grandpa Jim, Scott and Winston were all in China - 3 generations!

This is Scott's 2nd Father's Day with 4 children. This morning we all slept in a bit - so Kaitlyn was the first to great Scott at about 7:15 am and slowly they all came in a bit out of it and climbed into bed and presented Scott with his wonderful homemade cards and gifts.

The photo's are of this morning before getting out of bed :-)

Then the kids helped mom make breakfast - and a hot mocha - it was one big breakfast - it was suppose to be in bed, but Scott landed up joining us downstairs, and then we were off to church. Later he chose to work outside in the rain, digging up rocks in our garden???

After that we headed to the Dideon/Dailey clan Father's Day BBQ in West Seattle for dinner and then after that headed to church for our class and home. Then Scott had to work until midnight - on Father's Day??? oh well it was a good day and a busy one. Scott loves being a dad and is a wonderful dad to our kids - they love him so much xxxxxxxx ooooooooooo

Lavonne 6-20-10

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