Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's time to catch up....

So May and June have been especially busy for the Dideon clan.... as you can see below by the Smileboxes - we had field trips, birthdays, Mother's Day, concerts and the sort and I am still trying to catch up on all the hundreds of photo's I took during this time.

Today was the final day of school for the kids - Reagan and Kaitlyn will be in daycare until Friday so I can manage a few more job searches and interviews and then the next two weeks Winston and Taylor stay at school to help me out. Then praying I will have a job or an extension to my unemployment so can spend some quality time with the kids.... before going to work, or selling the house, or moving? still not sure what our outcome will be! Hanging in there....

Last week we had Taylor and Winston's graduation to Kindergarten, and yesterday was Kaitlyn's graduation to First Grade, then was Winston's 2 year anniversary to his Gotcha Day and next week is 5 years with having Kaitlyn - so still lots of parties and celebrations. Reagan celebrated his birthday early at school and I was busy scrambling making invitations to his birthday party early for the end of the month - which he handed out today at school. His birthday hits the busiest weekend in Seattle and so decided to make it so that his friends can come - and of course he wants a Terminator Party - so still working on a plan for the party and cake - the cake makes me a bit nervous since that is not an easy subject.

Today I had a doctors appointment to follow up on my medication and all is fine and the stuff is finally working and i am feeling more and more "normal" again! Praise God - it sucks when you just don't feel yourself. I suffered for 3 weeks with side affects and that was not fun either.

I also finally learned about my tremor that i have. It is called ET or Essential Tremor - thankfully it is benign (I have had it 13 years now) - it may have started from my over active Thyroid? but the medicine definitely made it worse but now have it more under control. It is similar to what Katherine Hepburn had - so I jokingly say I will one day have a bobbing head - but honestly when I have watched video's on this - it can be bad - so hoping it won't get much worse. Since being adopted I don't have much history on this - it is mostly genetic so glad i can't pass it along. I do know it has gotten worse over the years but very slightly - it is a bit embarrassing when someone stops their conversation with me and says "Whats wrong with your hands?"

We were suppose to have some really nice weather this week, but it decided to wait - so we are still waiting for a nice day to get the yard back in shape, I will post photo's of our cleaned and repaired roof, it looks like new and are so thankful for the "gift/help" this was too much for Scott to do, we are still working on the staining and have the first coat on the deck and hoping we can tackle the fence soon.

Scott eliminated a ton of branches hanging over our fence and also cut down/back some trees. I have been busy when there is no rain, cutting them down to fit in our yard waste box - that has been a workout in itself! So I am hoping soon we can actually sit back and enjoy our nice yard - we have so many long term plans for it - but now just focusing on the basics - also plan on taking Fern plants from behind our fence and use them to fill in our garden since it is a bit bland and needs plants - but the budget this year is for creativity only!

This weekend will be a full one with the yard, helping out at the kids school in cleaning, bible study at our place, friends for dinner and Sunday - doing Father's Day at home and then with Scott's family and our class. (Oh and 2 birthday parties on Sat). So never a dull moment here.
Hope to continue to post more stuff and get caught up. Thanks for your patience!!

Lavonne - 6-16-10


Maggie S said...

Good Morning. The sun is just coming up here, which means it is 2:44 where you are. Praying for your questions to be answered and for peace.

Amy said...

Can't believe Winston has been home 2 years already. How time flies!

Jill said...

Praying for your job success Lavonne. Hang in there. Hope you will be feeling better soon.
Jill :)