Monday, May 24, 2010


Happy 46th Birthday Alison.....

Great Grandma Wall, Lavonne, Mom, Alison
August 1967 in Mountain Lake, MN

That would be what i would be saying to my sister Alison if she were alive today. I am missing her and it is hard to believe that next week it will be 9 years since she died. She has missed out on so much - she never met my kids or was able to watch her son Aaron grow up.

Today I am missing her and what we could have had and shared together if she was still alive. The kids look forward to meeting Auntie Alison in Heaven some day and talk about her from time to time. Kaitlyn got her name as her middle name and at times i feel as if God gave me Kaitlyn to remember her by. There are snippets of Kaitlyn's personality that remind me of Alison.

I often say that we switched our kids and Alison is watching over our baby daughter we never got to know, and we have Aaron here to watch over. One day we will all be together rejoicing again with our Lord and Savior and what a day that will be.

So thinking of you today and remembering you when times were good together. I love you and miss you.

Lavonne - 24-10

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Scott said...

You were designed to be a sister to her. Despite the difficulties, she loved you and appreciated you. You were a stabilizing force that she needed (might not have been fun, but just think if you weren't there!). Watching you and Kaitlyn write notes for Reagan last night as he was heading off for camp, left me with the impression of how God designed you for this type of contact. And how he will coninue to use it in your relationship with your daughters.... love ya.