Monday, May 24, 2010

COOL Jewelry handmade from CHINA!!!

Jiayin Designs

The Chinese word jiayin means “good and beautiful news.” What a wonderful way to describe when you first receive your child’s referral and see his or her face and read his or her Chinese name for the first time. Jiayin Designs was created to provide a lasting treasure of that good and beautiful news through custom sterling silver charms made by a jewelry artist in Beijing, China just for you. This artist hand cuts Chinese characters from a sheet of sterling silver and makes them into charms that are one of a kind and stunning.

Check out the website above - they have some charms that are pre-made or you can customize one to have your child's name in Chinese. A missionary women in Bejing makes these as a second income. A women here in the USA is helping her sell them here.

Take a look - I like the "Mother" charm - otherwise would get 4 for my kids.

Lavonne - 5-24-10

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