Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Piano Recital

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OK, i think i am catching up and then we have another busy weekend - i think i have downloaded about 300+ pictures this past week and weekend. So bare with with me.

This is of Reagan and Kaitlyn's piano recital about 10 days ago. They both did their pieces perfectly at home but got nervous so some minor stuff. They are doing pretty good since starting in October. Reagan is more of a natural and is already graduated to a newer book and is working towards doing both hands together. They enjoy it much more than i did at their ages.

I found every excuse to pass the time away - which usually resulted in a spanking. I finally went back in grade nine (or ninth grade as we say it in the USA) - i liked it better then, but realized it was not my think and moved to where my heart was and that was more creative things.

Excuse the jiggling on the second video of Reagan, i had Kaitlyn asking me something and it threw me off. They did a great job.... daddy missed it since he was at the younger two ones School Spring Concert - he was suppose to capture this event - but his camera decided to give out that night - so don't have anything to share other than they did a great job and Grandpa Jim and Grandma Sue were able to make it in time to see them perform.

With school winding up, we have so many things going on and of course birthday parties galore. Today was Kaitlyn's field trip to the fairgrounds to learn about agriculture and this Friday is Reagan's field trip - never a dull moment for this mom!!

Lavonne - 5-25-10

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