Monday, March 15, 2010

The weird places of mongolian spots!


Ok, I like many people before adopting was clueless to Mongolian Spots, even after getting Reagan I was since he never had them.

When we got Kaitlyn she had them big - 2 really nice ones across her rear end.... of course like many of us adopted parents we had people question if we were beating her.... even her daycare once questioned us???

Here is a sample of one I found on the Internet which looks a bit like Kaitlyn's did. They fade away with age and most Asians (80%), N American Indians, Hispanics (70%) and even Blacks (90%)can have them. It has a bluish-grey color and looks like a nice bruise. Whites are 5-10% chance that they can get them.

When we got Taylor - her's was very small and not so noticable but higher up. She also had a nice scar at the base of her spine which now the doctor believes is a nail scratch to mark her and that some orphanages do this to mark the kids. We think this is what it is based on the location and that other parents have noted this mark on their kids from this orphanage. In the earlier adoptions there was markings that many believe the parents made in hopes to maybe identify their children later on.

Winston was covered in scars from his exzema and yet with his darker skin he too had the spots on his rear end. So by the time we got Winston i thought i was well versed in spots!!

Well 2 wks ago i went to the doc with Winston and Taylor for their annual check up and made a small list of things to just inquire about while there. One was this mark on Taylor's eyeball i had noticed over the last year..... turns out this is also a Mongolian Spot and will fade away in time. They can also apear in the mouth as well.

Well yet another thing we learn in adopting!



Maggie S said...

Ooh. My daughters had Mongolian spots when they came home and when I gave them their first baths, I nearly went crazy with fear and rage that someone had hurt my child(they were 7 mo when they came home and had been three weeks in foster care). I guess I didn't turn them over when I changed diapers??? The social worker just chuckled softly and explained to me. Never in my life had I heard of such a thing.

Amy said...

Oh yeah!
Sarah Ying is the queen of Mongolian spots! My other Asian children just had the normal kind...but she had them all over. BIG ones! Atleast one on each limb, and many all over her shoulders, back and seat...big ones, small ones, dark ones, light ones. We wondered why all her referral photos had her in long pants and long sleeves (in Guangdong Province!?) and then we found out why! They were covering her spots!
She doesn't have any in her eyes though! Or in her mouth!