Thursday, March 18, 2010

Needing Prayer!


Yesterday i had a "FUN" day at the doctors.....

As you can see above, i was able to participate in specimen giving and now i wait on test results!

For the past month or more i have been having some health issues, and after ruling out various things felt it was time to see the doctor about my concerns.

My body has been going through a lot since moving back to Seattle and now it has had enough. We are doing a lot of tests to determine the direction to go with treatment and diagnosis. I had my right Thyroid removed in 2004 and there are some small concerns i now could be Hypo-Active - i use to be Hyper-Active and it can come on gradually, but we are not sure. Then i have some mild food allergies, and there has been some concern that i maybe Celiac, which fits more of my symptoms, but not totally, there was a concern i could have picked up a parasite but this does not seem to fit things either. Lastly, with my age and all that we have been through and the high stress, there is thought i could have IBS. Which is what my doctor was leaning towards yesterday.

So we ask that you pray that it is not serious and that we can quickly diagnose what is going on and then i can get better and do more at home again.

It is not fun, but hopefully we can get to the bottom of this and start working on a healthy me again.



Jill said...

Praying for you! I have a friend will Siliac if you need any advice or information. I hope it is something you can treat and have you feeling better soon.

Maggie S said...

Wow. A lot to think about. I'll pray.

Annie said...

Prayers for you, Lavonne!!!