Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snow, Pants Repair & Our Girls....

Snowing in Seattle?

This last week we actually had some snow on Monday! It was very cold out and one mom thought she had been spotting snow when she drove the kids to school. We'll about an hour later i was driving to Auburn for a meeting and there was little almost hail like flakes on the windshield? That afternoon all of a sudden we had about a 15 min downpour - had trouble capturing it. But it was this hail-like stuff again and at one point it was coming down hard. It was very spotty in Seattle - but we are on a hill and usually get this stuff since higher up. Our second snow of the year - both never stayed on the ground - but it sure has been cold out lately!!

Pant Repair ?
I constantly have a pile of clothes to repair - pant knees are the biggest demand!!
So i hate always just mending them - so had some ribbon the other day and fixed up Taylor's pants to look better and she had also outgrown the length so lengthed them quite a bit - but still not fully enough for the current style trends..... for Taylor this will always be an issue.
She is a size4+ in length but her waist is a 3
So i got creative with these pants and actually liked how they turned out.... My big problem is the time it too (our drive to Vancouver WA) and how she takes care of them?????
By Thursday she had picked at the ribbon on one leg and made another hole!!!! so have decided enough until she is older and appreciates my hard work.
Will only do this for lengthening pants now :-)

My Beautiful Girls

Well Last Sunday the girls were working in our office and i just had to take a picture of them.

We added some Ikea tables and a cabinet (cheap) so that the kids could actually work in there and maybe we will get some computer stuff set up for them?

We put some plastic on the table to protect it - since the 2 youngest still like to color on the tables and mark them up, this way we can just wipe them off. We also padded the cheap chairs with stuff we got at JoAnne's on sale. Each kid now has their own drawer for their work and coloring books or toy computers. Makes me happy to eliminate mess but honestly i wish i would actually see it!


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Amy said...

I like your pants repair idea Lavonne! It looks cute! And I am impressed that Taylor can do number dot to dots! Sarah Ying is nowhere near to that.