Friday, March 19, 2010

Nick is an amazing man - born in Australia he travels the world to speak to kids and people in prison about God's love. His life is not so easy he was born without arms or legs in the 60's.

Around aged 8 he tried to commit suicide but God had a plan for his life. He swims, golfs, dives... he loves life now - it does not come easy for him but he now lives life to its fullest capacity.

I often show his video's to our Taylor since her deformities get her down. I remind her that to get up Nick had to try over 100 times to learn to stand on his own. I know it is hard for her and at times she just wants to quit, but the smile in her face when she finally succeeds at a task is wonderful. I look back at the last couple of years - the battles we have dealt with and the triumphs in seeing Taylor in a more independent state. When we got her and she did not want to learn to speak and would have melt downs with each attempt (now we never can shut her up!)

Then when it came to doing the zipper or buttons on her jacket and clothes -"I can't do it!" was often the cry of frustration... oh it would have been so much better for me to do it and walk away in peace... but would i be doing my daughter any good? so i have endured hours upon hours of screaming, crying, tantrums - but now the joy of her putting on her own clothes with little to no assistance. It was the same with the car seat, oh the months we endured all the resistance to learn to do her seat belt.... oh but now it is not an issue!

I know some think we are hard on her, but if we were not - she would be wallowing in self pity and where would this get her as an adult?

To think how Nick's parents thought when he was born and what he would do in his life... God had a great plan for him.... as with Taylor, we have no idea, but He has great plans for her to touch people's lives and win others for Him!


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Charlotte T said...

Lavonne, the video was amazing! Thank you for sharing! :)