Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodbye Hot Water

So our faithful water heater of 21 years finally kicked the bucket on Saturday night. Sunday morning when getting ready for church Scott had come to me in bed and asked if i had shower issues the past few days?

I honestly had no recollection if i had so figured that was a good sign and said NO.

Well there was absolutely no HOT WATER so Scott went to the garage to find water everywhere and at this point realized the days of milking the water heater were done! So i did an old fashion type of bath and got the kids dressed and ready for church while Scott ran to Lowe's to get an efficiently priced new one for us. This was just after on Friday spending $500+ on new shocks for the back of the mini-van. It was too the point that the shocks were gone and i could not go any further on them. So it was a costly weekend and no spring break jaunts for us?

The water luckily only got some carpets wet and we were just about to replace the carpet on the stairs with some leftover from the house so now just letting it dry out and then will replace it.
Here Scott is draining out the rest of the water and you can see the rust and mess.
Oh but it was heavenly to have a nice hot shower yesterday morning again!
Lavonne 3-8-10

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Maggie S said...

Whew. I hate spending money on cars and infrastructure. I have a really good friend who adores just the kind of weekend you had. Not the mess, but the investing in things like shocks and hot water heaters. I wish I could get to where I enjoyed that. I am working on it. Maybe you will get a Spring Break Surprise?