Friday, March 5, 2010

A visitor at the Dideon Castle

Deer Mouse

So 2 nights ago Scott was downstairs just before bedtime and we had noticed the cats wandering around in the laundry room - we thought they were checking out a spider?

Well Scott saw a flash of a mouse while Lily was in the laundry room. So that explained the cats behavior - but how was my bug man going to get this new pest (that now has replaced our Lucy)?

Well the next morning - Scott was training a new employee and our house became the first stop. He or they went into the crawl space and discovered a few deer mice which is what we believe he saw in our laundry room and so they set up some traps.... two days later not catch!!

That first night the cats took turns scoping out the laundry room. I had visions of Lily being proud of her catch and jumping on the bed and dumping a dead mouse on my body while sleeping - she brought her voll catch to the office last summer - so i would expect something like this from her. Oh well - hoping we catch the two pests and i can get rid of the traps all over the place now. Trying hard to make sure the kids or the cats don't get stuck in one :) It sure would be a painful lesson.

So now keep heat steaming the floor to make sure there is not spread of the Hanna Virus which the deer mouse carry and can be deadly.

Lavonne 3-5-10


Jesse, James and Lindsey's mom said...

I hope you catch em...we just caught one in the garage, two more traps to go. Winter in Alaska..they like to come visit ours are shrews...What is the virus you spoke of? I have to clean up some areas in the garage and am thinkng I should get a mask?

Maggie S said...

One time in the church nursery, we suddenly noticed all the toddlers were frozen in place staring at the corner by the sink. Staring back at them was a gorgeous little field mouse. YICK! When we moved he shot into the hole and a little girl flopped on her belly and pointed,"Mousie foun' a hole!!!"

Awesome. Good luck with the sticky traps. They smell so good, I am afraid I will get caught in one.