Friday, March 12, 2010

Catching up on life at the Dideon's

Meeting the Lee Family

Last Saturday we drove to Vancouver WA about 2-1/2 hours away to meet up with another adoption family. The Lee's live outside of Vancouver and are waiting for TA to go get their 3rd daughter Lily. She has a serious heart condition like her older sister Shelby who is now 11. The Lee's adopted Shelby at age 8 in 2007 just before we got Taylor.

Lily's adoption has been expedited because of her serious heart condition. They are both Dextrocardia like Taylor (heart on right side) but for them many of the organs and stuff are flip flopped and so this creates a serious condition. Shelby almost did not make her 3rd heart surgery last year and now wears a pacemaker.

We met at Red Robin (we just won a gift card so that helped) and it is a great place for the kids. Then later we headed to McDonald's for a cheap $1 dessert while the kids could play hard.

We had a wonderful time connecting and sharing - we have many parallels in our adoptions and they also are doing re-organization of the brain therapy and have seen great progress with their girls. So it was nice to meet another family who understands this process and the progression. We got to know them through a group i am apart of called LCC (Loving China's Children) a great adoption group who often supports in fundraising for family's who are short on funds. The Lee's in the past have helped many families but this time they were humbled as their business has suffered in this economy and they fell short. So i helped with a few others to raise support and with a very generous angel and others we raised in a few weeks almost $11,000 !!! Praise God for His faithfulness and another child is coming home to a Christian family and getting the medical attention she needs.

I will post more photo's of our trip there - we stopped at Cabala's a sporting goods store which is an adventure trip and it is free - so we wandered around with the kids and they had a great time. Earlier that day Scott had bug training so we met him closer to Tacoma. So it was a full day. Sunday's we have been taking a class on Sunday nights at church which includes dinner and babysitting so that has been nice too - a bit of a break for me. Monday was unemployment training and have been applying at some interesting jobs so keep us in prayer for this - one long shot is in KS. God knows and continues to provide for us daily and we continually are amazed at His provisions for us and how the money is always there.

Lavonne -3-12-10

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