Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sorry Odessa!

Sorry my dear Odessa!

Last night Scott and I were taking it easy later in the evening - Scott found on Public TV - John Gray (Mars and Venus guy) talking and promoting his newest book and raising money for the station.

Well we sat and listened and actually started enjoying John's talk and his books. May even consider purchasing them. Well Scott decided to take him seriously and decided to offer drawing me a bath. The past few weeks have been very tough on me and he thought it would be nice for me to relax.

So he lit some small candles i had and put the Christian Radio station on for me to listen to.... All very sweet and thoughtful of him.

So i am sitting here in the tub and relaxing when i hear Odessa our cat. I thought it would be funny for her to come and see me and get her a bit wet so i called her over (not thinking this through) so she comes into the bathroom and starts her "I am going to jump" cry and it hits me.. she is going to jump on the counter she is thinking i called her for food and there are 4 little candles right where she likes to jump!!!!

So i start to yell and Scott hears and figures out what i am doing and comes in.... too late! Poor Odessa just misses but also is a bit clueless of the new oder in the room of synged cat hair. It is her back foot and rear getting synged. Scott grabs her and she takes off. I am concerned that she is burned and will blister? He finally gets her and she hardly has anything burned - but now as i try to get back to my relaxing bath.... the new smell of burned cat hair lingers and Scott finally puts on the "loud" fan... which drowns out the music and oh well we tried for some relaxation!?

Another day at the Dideon farm :-)



Maggie S said...

WHew! That is probably not quite as funny to you as it is to us. I bet a lot of people have stories about the "cat in the candle". I know I do.

Maybe Scott will draw you a bath everyday until you get to actually relax and enjoy it.

Amy said...

Actually had a cat jump into the tub with me once...wasn't funny when she felt the wetness of the water and decided to leave in a hurry, with nowhere to sink those toenails except my bare flesh.
Gotta' love those cats!

Melissa said...

I remember when I used to "cat-sit" of Odessa. That seems like forever ago!