Thursday, February 25, 2010

Below shot Kelly R

The video below is of my friend Kelly R in MD who just got her 14 year old (or soon and aging out) daughter in China and will be getting another one in the next few days. This women is amazing women who God is greatly using.
Her husband is a Pastor and they have 2 grown children and in the past 5 years - this will make 6 kids that they have adopted and all have had special needs - Joey flew home with oxygen and went right into the Hospital for heart surgery.... Brighton which they got last year has SBifida? and is learning to walk, is partially deaf and has eye issues and club foot - she is just beautiful.
We are on some adoption groups together and always am amazed at this women and how she
does it.
The video is of her meeting her daughter yesterday and she even made her a gift - how sweet.

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Maggie S said...

Thanks, Lavonne. I am following along. That video was great.