Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another tooth

Toothless in Seattle

So Kaitlyn finally got tooth #2 out. She was so scared and pulled and pulled at it. I finally got some floss and had made a loop to put around her tooth and got as far as it going around the tooth....but she was scared. So she pulled the floss off and up came the tooth :-)

I had hoped with a little fussing we could get it out - it was so ready. Then she was proud. A bit stunned at first not realizing what she had done.

So in the past month i think we have lost 3 teeth... the bank is broke at Bank of Fairies.

Of course then I saw Taylor trying to wiggle her front tooth. This one is loose from a fall before we got her - so i quickly told her the Tooth Fairy only pays on teeth that fall out naturally. I think i put an end to her pulling out a tooth she needs still :-) ? lets hope so!

Kaitlyn's other tooth has already moved forward into place and I am hoping this new tooth will do the same.

Lavonne -3-2-10

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Maggie S said...

Oh, yeah, tooth fairy totally doesn't pay for ones that aren't ripe, yet. My orthodontist said so.