Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goodbye Lucy RIP

This is Lucy our Norway Rat

We got Lucy for the Year of the Rat in 2008 - she is approximately 2-1/2 years old
I am not a rat person but this precious little thing - too a liking to me and we had a special bond.
Funny thing I would start to notice about a year ago that when i vacuumed she would come out of her hiding and jump up on top of the highest place to say hello. I started feeding her catfood as a treat and we started this ritual the past 6 m that she would come and eat from me. She only did this for me and would excitedly come out when i called her. She was quite smart and would love to eat my trimmings from the salad i would make for dinner.
I have never held her - could not get over the tail.... but would pet her often.

This last weekend we found a tumor growing on her tummy. I have a rat friend whom we consulted and found it is common for rats to have this. They also do not live to be older than 3.
We found this tumor is called a Mammary Tumor and not cancerous but they grow fast and this one we believe is about 2 wks old and already was about 1/3 of her body size - they grow fast and unless removed will kill them.

We consulted vets and found our options were $25 to put under, $150 to spay, $306 to remove. With her already being at the last months of her life we could not do this. So Scott took his work skills and properly ended her life last night as we all were in bed. We hope to get another rat or two sometime down the road but in our current state we just can't, the kids prayed for her and Winston noted she was no longer suffering with Jesus anymore.
"We Miss You Lucy!"

The kids saying goodbye to Lucy.

You can see the Tumor under her stomach - it looks like she is pregnant.
I like this one of her tongue drinking and you can see the details of her whiskers.... she was watching me.


Maggie S said...

Oh, you guys. I am so sorry. A friend of mine died recently who loved everybody. Maybe he will take care of her in the cage and all. Jesus shouldn't have to do that.

Lavonne that is a hard day. Y'all are special and I wish I had a gift for describing the day the way you do.

Annie said...

So sorry Lavonne! It is hard to lose a pet!!!

Amy said...

Oh no! Poor ratty...
We have kept little pets (rats, mice, hamsters) before, but they don't live very long and then everyone has to mourn. It is a bummer. Now we go with something that is longer lived...more love, less grief.

One Happy Momma said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy.

She was a great rat!

So sweet what Winston said.