Friday, February 19, 2010

One tooth gone another one loose

A crowded mouth

Kaitlyn has been very eager to loose her teeth like her big brother Reagan. So we kept wiggling and wiggling her bottom teeth. The challenge we have is she has a very LOW tolerance to PAIN.

So unlike her brother the thought of something hurting, holds her back from trying. Mommy has become a great tooth puller for Reagan with some thread like her dad did. Last time the tooth actually went flying and landed in the next room and we had to get on our hands and knees looking under the dinning room table in the carpet. I finally found the missing tooth.

Kaitlyn wanted this but once we got the mouth open she would panic. Also since like Reagan she was really over-crowded with her teeth, the adult teeth were already fully up and behind and pushing the baby teeth forward and it was very difficult to get thread around her tooth. Finally last week while eating it finally came out and she was just over the moon with excitement. Now the tooth to the left is also loose but not ready. But she feels it is a sign of growing up.

Last night Reagan came to me to have his tooth pulled but for him, his is blocked by another tooth and we tried but - i feel another week is needed before we are really ready. But he was eager to yank that thing out - nothing like his sister. Poor guy has one on the top left side that is growing in upside down and will need surgery in a few months to have this one removed. We are waiting for the top two to fall out first - we are right now working on #4 for him with two more to follow.

Oh i so remember this and now there is so much more to offer the kids. I had one of those very small jaws and too many teeth, so the crowding was bad and had 3 baby teeth pulled at this age and then once the adult teeth came in had 8 more pulled so 11 in total by age 16. I had braces and the works - so can related to what Reagan and Kaitlyn are going through and i know they both will be needed braces - so just add that to the mounting of future bills.... :-)

Oh the reminder that i need to find a good paying job!! with good insurance :-)

Lavonne 2-19-10

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Maggie S said...

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, I never could do teeth when I was teaching the first grade. Then the Lord gave me twins. They were flinching. I was grimacing and squeezing my eyes shut. Whew! They lost a dozen teeth in something like two months. Prior to that, we had months of not being able to eat anything because all their teeth were loose at the same time and it hurt to eat. The tooth fairy has a limit. Whew!!