Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines..... from the Dideon kids

well i can't get Reagan's card flipped so will just have to leave it this way?
I have been having some issues with cutting and pasting in Blogger the last couple of days so have stuff to post - but we will see if i can?
These are the kids Valentine's they made for school. Each year i have them make then and then cut and paste them onto a card sheet and print and then they address them. It is faster, easier and cheaper to do it this way. Then the kids get to give nice personalized post cards to their friends. We also did a craft one for the teachers and a few "special" friends :-)
The kids had their parties at school on Friday and yesterday we hung out together - i hit the Target $1 section and they loved it. I got my discounted Godiva chocolates - and we just hung out. Scott had to do a volunteer duty at a Rest Stop for the school. They were trying to raise money for the school - so he helped. He also took them to the annual pancake breakfast Sat morning at the school.
Today i am trying to catch up on life and the kids are home for Presidents Day.... we have been busy with a host of holidays in the past 24 hours including trying to get in some of the Vancouver Olympics since this is where i was born and raised!
Lavonne - 2-15-10

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