Saturday, January 23, 2010

Right to Life Sunday

On this day 37 years ago,
seven unelected lawyers Changed centuries of Western tradition,
the plain text of the Constitution, and decades of precedent and declared that there existed in the Constitution a heretofore undiscovered right for women to kill their children in utero.
Almost four decades later, somewhere around 50 million unborn children have been victimized by the breathtaking arrogance of the Court. They committed no crimes, were afforded no due process or trials at all, and every appeal made on their behalf has fallen on deaf ears. They have been killed in the most brutal ways imaginable, unceremoniously sucked from their mother’s wombs, and carelessly discarded without even the dignity of an unmarked grave.
On Friday, hundreds of thousands of Americans marched on our nation’s capital to continue our peaceful protest against this policy which has been foisted upon us. And though most of us cannot be physically present with them, we stand with them in solidarity and in spirit, saying a silent prayer together on behalf of the fallen.
On this day, we remember the nameless and the forgotten, and we lament our inability to even grasp the sorrow or the extent of their loss.
This was partially pulled from an email i received today. I personally have been touched by this as i have written in the past for Adoption Month in November. Our family has 5 members which were spared from being aborted. For my life it would have provided a connivance to a couple who were pregnant and did not want to be "responsible" for their actions!! For my 4 children - it was due to the fact they were born with deformities and either costly or unacceptable by their countries standards. Our society has allowed a numbness to creep in and take over in "FEELING" when a life is taken. What would it been like If "I" had been "ABORTED?"
My parents would not have had me, my relatives would have not knowing me, my friends and my husband - life for all would have been different - it reminds me of the favorite classic movie.. "Its A Wonderful Life" when George does get to see his life without him and how much he impacted the lives around him. How would our lives been like if one more soul we knew had been spared? I know of 2 personally who could have been my nieces and nephews!
Lavonne - 1-23-10

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