Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Many Faces of Winston

Ok, this is my Winston
he is so many things wrapped up into one "little" package and definitely my baby!
He may be little but his ego is huge and so is he self confidence
yet this little guy has a very tender heart
In the first set of photo's you definitely see his playful side
"speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil"
not that is what we planned to do - we both were just goofing off
I love taking photo's of him since he likes it and is very photogenic
his little round head and eyes - give me that baby look
but there is so much deep stuff within him
He loves to be the baby yet can't wait to be a teenager
He claims he is a gentleman and loves to hold the door open for us
he admires his big brother - or should i say adores him!!
can't wait to be in Cub Scouts and has all the hand motions memorized

Ok, a more goofy side to my little guy!
making faces and mimicking his siblings
yet there is a coolness about him that can throw you off!

He has these cute - wide and short feet
he is stocky and "solid" yet so small
I wonder if he'll grow to be 5'6"?
His smile is amazing and beautiful
he has this squeaky voice that can drive you over the edge at times
especially if it goes with some whining....
but his giggle is so cute
This serious man/boy has a stubborn side to it
when he is in trouble - wow he just stares at you
he does not speak - he goes quiet into "think" mode
I already betting this boy will land up in the science field
yet - he will be driving a hot sports car that he goes fast in!!!
Time out boy.....
he did not want his photo taken then so turned around on me :-)
he can be a great sulker!
he is growing - but after 18m with us has come a long way
he was the emperor with his nannies
I will never forget our first month with this guy - he had to be held
he could not walk any distance without plopping his little butt on the ground and
refusing to walk, so if I ignored this and kept going - the wailing would start
but in a short time he quickly learned he could walk, and then run and this guy
now is always on the go!!!!
My GQ man
Winston loves to pose - if not for his size he could model
but i know he'll have the ladies after him :-)
not so sure I am up for this.
God had us wait for this guy and the journey was not easy in 2007 when we thought our "winston" was one of 4 other boys looking for forever families. Then after coming home with Taylor we were totally burned out. I did not know if we could do another one. But then wks later got a call about another boy and that door closed - we realized Taylor needed an age appropriate playmate and 2months almost to the day of coming home with her we heard a plea for a family for An HuJun a little boy whose file was going back. I had a deep feeling this was my boy - yet Scott was not ready and we were flat broke - how could we do this?
God spoke to me and i was determined he was our son, i had the paperwork sent to me and made a smilebox asking to be his daddy and gave it to Scott and that was all it took. Nov 13, 2007 we were matched with this guy - then it all came together - the homestudy in a month, on hurdle, then DTC by the end of January, then Scott and his step-dad Jim flew out and got him on Fathers Day, June 15, 2008 - 8 months later!!
It was so meant to be and we were so blessed to have him in an orphanage we had access to and updates from. He had his surgery in China through LWB and again we were blessed.
It turns out now that Taylor and Winston are virtual twins and that is what we were hoping for when we started our journey in 2006.
Winston's special need of TOF of the heart also was a blessing since it has been so manageable and he is healthy. He was hand picked for us by God and we daily thank God for him.
One surprise we found about this little guy - is it appeared our "thinker" was and introvert and very quiet..... not at all the case - this kid sings and chatters all the time :-)


Jesse, James and Lindsey's mom said...

Great post!! I love reading about ALL your kiddos!!!!!

Maggie S said...

Good Morning!!! What a dream boat!

Amy said...

He is just adorable Lavonne!
Love the GQ pose,