Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Christmas clean up

I need a mental break so thought i would post some photo's from last Saturday. The kids are getting older and more into helping us set up and put away things - like the Christmas decorations. Reagan and Kaitlyn can read so helped with the big tree this year and then i took it apart in groups. All the kids helped giving dad the pieces and Winston here figured out how to close the box. He is definately our science guy :-)

They all folded the branches down to fit properly in the box and we packed up the three trees and the 8 Tupperware containers full of our Christmas stuff. Scott needs to get them back on the shelf and then i can drive in the driveway again.
So in these areas the kids are maturing and things are easier.... AMEN :-)
I am starting to count the days when i can breath again. The Lunar NY event has me running every day. I get home in time to get the laundry out and put into the dryer and then start dinner before running off to school to grab the kids. Once home it is managing homework, and exercises. Never a dull moment these days - but am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel !!!
Today i was in Bellevue than looped around to downtown to get the only Tiger balloons i could find in the city, then off to the International District to get more props for our photo booth - then got a call to get more paper lanterns.... home to pick up more stuff and circle back to Bellevue to drop off stuff, go over things with some people, photograph various rooms to map out for decorating and then return the paper lanterns since they did not work, run to Michael's at Crossroads to get a helium tank since the balloon place was going to charge me $50 extra, then headed back to Renton, which on the way had to make a doctor's apt for Reagan for Friday and reserve patio heaters which the place just closed down last week so had to order from Seattle -
got home finally got on my computer to answer emails from the day to discover a few issues to resolve by tomorrow, and start printing out passport info to work on Winston and Taylor's - but i am now pretty sure i can't do Winston's until we re-adopt him, so will have to now start that paperwork!!! I still have not submitted Reagan's camp stuff which was due on Monday and got an extension on.... so you can see why i wanted a mental break :-) and i still have not finished my stuff and it is midnight. Tomorrow was suppose to be a light day - but now i have to run back to church and then possibly run to Ballard to get the patio heaters which they will now sell us for $25 more - a great deal!! and then get more balloons with my Michael's 40% coupons :-)
and then to the passport place to start on Taylor's passport at least. Then spend the rest of the day on the computer, one meeting and calling artists for the upcoming event.
Ok i have totally rambled on and am making myself totally crazy with this :-) Pray for my sanity would probably be a good request right now.

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Maggie S said...

What with time zones and all, your post is only four hours old when I see it in the morning. It is good to see your family's happy smiles first thing.

You are already sane. I prayed for peace and joy. I love how you honor your family.