Monday, January 18, 2010

The Dideon Artists!!

The Dideon Artists

1) Reagan our #1 resident artist loves to draw and does all the time - its like he was born with a pencil in his hand :-) He drew this amazing picture of Jesus on the cross 2 days ago and then tore the sheet and we tried to save it. Notice the caption "King of the Jews" he definitely has a fascination with Jesus on the cross - we are blessed that he is touched by this.

2) Kaitlyn our #2 resident artist has taken after her brother but loves COLOR! she always colors in multi-color and lately loves to make me pictures which she then writes to Mommy - loved Kaitlyn. It is very sweet to get these. We have always wondered if the multi-coloring has anything to do with her minority culture? She is Miao and they love bright colors.

We just feel blessed to continually get amazing artwork from our kids.

*** Side note - keep me in prayer - my resume was sent off last week and i talked with the VP today. He was very impressed with my resume - but the position is still not posted and it may be another month until it is. The VP passed my resume onto the VP of Sales whom i have talked with and was very interested in me in the past - so hoping this is good news. But still it looks like it may be March until the position is open and they hire for. So hoping my unemployment lasts that long!!!


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One Happy Momma said...

I just love seeing the kids drawings!

I agree with you Lavonne, I bet that is why Kaitlyn loves color.