Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas is finally gone at the Dideon's

Christmas Clean up

Well we finally got the decorations down and packed away - or it will be by i hit the sack.

I love Christmas and we got so busy at Christmas we did not entertain much, so kept decorations up an extra week since we had 3 families over for dinner at different times.

Now the fun of packing and putting away the "many" tupperware's containing my precious collection of Christmas stuff. I now have my home back to normal or it will be tomorrow once we have done a quick clean and vacuum of the place! Oh now another 11 months to go until we do this all again. The kids love it, so it is actually fun to do this -

Now it is prepping for Winston's birthday party and Reagan's artwork for the Chinese New Year Art Show. I might get some of this done Monday since the kids are home for Presidents Day holiday.


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Lindsey's mom said...

I know what you mean about the busy. My kids love it too! We took EVERYTHING down 12/25 because we were leaving that night. Hard to believe we are 1/2 way through January! Time sure does fly!
Hope your year is a great one!