Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Dideon's Show

The Dideon puppet masters!
Here is the Moose and Lamb (Kaitlyn and Taylor) telling a wonderful story....
Mainly telling us to wait as the show will start shortly" :-)

The boys took over later and her is a behind the scenes look at the
I got this idea based on being about 8 years old and getting a cardboard puppet theatre and loving it and it is so good for the kids imagination.
At the kids piano lessons there is one and one day before Christmas thought this would be so cool for the younger two. Deep down figured all four would enjoy it.
So i went to Toys-R-Us and found this model was it and there was none to be found. They had 4 at the Northgate store and they were 50% off being a clearance item and included a light, a dry eraser sign and 2 puppets. So for $35 i thought it was right up my alley. Drove up North in the pouring rain and got my prize!
A week later at Ikea found puppets in a huge bin for $3.99 so bought 4 for their stockings and knowing we had a few others - knew the kids had a good start. I even have the popcorn plastic containers from the Target $1 section so we can even do the popcorn thing with this too.
So i am sure we will have many wonderful days of the kids playing with this and telling great stories down the road. I have encouraged them to write a story on paper and follow it - so who knows maybe will encourage this as a project this wk while they are home?
Will be posting some of my over 500 photo's from Christmas shortly.
Lavonne 12-27-09

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