Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas art

I was working on our Christmas card this year and thought maybe the other 3 could do a picture

well in the end we have decided not to do a card and i finished our Christmas letter last night. But only could get one picture in so cut up Kaitlyn's tree and present image.

I had these watercolor pencil crayons that i taught them to use which they found a lot of fun.

1) Taylor's version of a Christmas Tree - in "Blue"

2) Winston stuck to the more traditional version but forgot to include Reagan which is his "idol"?

3) Kaitlyn, well after 2 attempts of not getting it "perfect" - I took this one to use.

It definitely shows the uniqueness of my 4 very different children. They are so different in personalities and the way they do things - which makes them so special and little individuals that one day will do great things!

Lavonne 12-23-09 - 2 days and counting!

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