Friday, November 13, 2009

A week already - how time flies by:

It has already been a week since Taylor came home from the hospital
she keeps getting better and stronger each day. We had a good visit with the doctor and the
next one is for Dec 3rd.
Today i thought since so many were asking how she was doing that we would drop by at school for 30 mins when i dropped off the other kids and visit with Taylor's classmates.
Here is Taylor and Mrs. Fenn (above)
This is Mckenna giving Taylor some homemade cards and a story she & her sister wrote
Taylor was able to play a bit with some of the kids. She is already missing school.

My mom leaves tomorrow so has been busy baking bread and other things for us before she leaves. Then we headed to Target to get the kids some Christmas clothes. Found some cute things for the 4 that they can enjoy this fall season. I know the kids are going to really miss Grandma - esp Taylor who has had a faithful companion who has been serving her hand and foot :-) It will be a long time until they see her again - probably May.
Lavonne 11-13-09


Annie said...

So glad Taylor is doing so well!!!!! She looks so great!!!

Charlotte T said...

so glad things are moving along and Taylor's feeling better!! :)