Saturday, November 14, 2009

A fresh look at heaven? wisdom from a child

Scott and Taylor the other night were talking about heaven and how God would give us new bodies when we get there. Specifically that Taylor would no longer have the Titanium metal bar in her chest and her little arm would be brand new.
This then led to scars and if her new scars would be gone? Reagan's, Mommy's and Winston's?
Then they talked about how Jesus' scars would still be there --
Taylor proceeded to ask Scott if he and Reagan would have penis' in heaven also?
Of course Scott was not quite prepared for this deep and personal a question :-)
I guess this is one for many of us to ponder!

I guess we can say Taylor is continuing to get better :-)
The mind is getting sharper!
Today Grandma went home and it was a sad day for Taylor. She was sad in the car as we said goodbye, but then did ok most of the day until at dinner time she began to cry - later it was revealed she missed her Grandma. (I am sure Grandma is missing her "sugerplum" too)
The kids enjoyed having her around esp. Taylor who got a lot of reading and special attention this week. It was nice having her around to talk with and have her bake and cook for us.
Thank you!
Lavonne 11-14-09

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*Overflowing* said...

Hehehe...that's too funny! It always amazes me what our kiddos are thinking about ;)