Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wed 10 am update

The med board - tells us what is going on and what she is taking
Baby Naomi - 14 days old - a perfect roommate to have
Eating Bacon this morning and looking much better
Breakfast and video's - a sign things are getting better
Last night was a good one - Taylor slept mostly and so did i - woke up on the hour but i let the nurses take care of her and would roll over. My head cold is a bad one so i am needing extra sleep now.
At 7:30 pm the rounds came and all the interns.... had to pop in and check on us. I got a nice shower and cleaned up later and helped Taylor with eating - i had brought food from home so before breakfast had come i gave her 2 pieces of bread to eat and she ate 1-1/2 pce. Then had some bacon and a few pieces of dry cereal and lots to drink. I am changing diapers regularly and since she hates them wet she is always asking me to change her.
I am seeing her personality come back - asking lots of questions etc....
She is moving around a lot more and getting more restless. They will be switching her off the morphine in an hour to some oxy.... stuff that is a 4hr narcotic which will help with the pain as we transition and take the tube out today. Still don't know when that will be think now in the early afternoon. The OT just popped in to help Taylor and will be back at 11:30 am to get her moving again. Taylor keeps asking when she can use the potty on her own. Another good sign.
So am impressed with the progress so far and should be on track from coming home on Friday at this point i think. I am going to crash for an hour before the OT person comes as well - Taylor is trying to sleep a bit too.
Talk later
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Laurie McLean said...

Nice to see things are progressing so well! Thank you for updating! Laurie

Heather BT said...

Bacon for breakfast!
Everything's better with bacon!
Glad everything is progressing well will keep you and your tiny roommate in my prayers.