Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3 pm update

One of the Intern Dr's looking at the drain tube
Ouch - even with some extra meds - Taylor did not like it
Here they are removing the drain in her chest
The reward - she was able to eat 1/2
mommy got the other 1/2
We got a nice cute dog to visit us - that was definately a highlight
Our therapy was to walk a bit and ride a wheel chair
We decided we did not want the bed and so watched a movie in the chair
Later we slept, ate some more and now another movie - mommy is getting soft on the movies
We may join Grace and her mother Cathy R in the kids play room later on. They got our old room (she had the bone graft surgery and is recovering)
If Taylor eats tonight we could get out tomorrow = but also do not want to push this since we did this with Reagan 5+ years ago and landed back in the hospital.
I have rested more today so have not been on email and stuff so far will try and catch up tonight.
Thanks again for all the prayers they have been answered!
Lavonne 11-4-09 (2)


Heather BT said...

Thank Heavens she is doing so much better. Continuing to pray.

Maggie said...

Be still my heart. The picture of her in the wheelchair....even not feeling well, she is just the most adorable little girl! We are praying for her quick recovery (and yours too!)

Maggie Weik
from the Madison list

Annie said...

So glad she is doing so well!!!

Teresa said...

God is soooo good ~ I love seeing Taylor eating her orange popsicle ~ that is wonderful!!! I've had the drains before they do hurt ~ I'm sure you will be seeing a different little girl with each day following the removal of the drians:) We're continuing to pray for Taylor and your entire family:)