Tuesday, November 3, 2009

6:50 PM update

Well we talked with the doctor about 5:20 pm. All is going very well and Taylor is sleeping lots now - the Torodol they have added is helping with the pain and she just finished a full Jello. And is back sleeping.
The roommate is perfect and after watching Steven Curtis Chapman i plan on sleeping as much as possible.
They plan to start weening her off the Morphine tomorrow and remove the chest tube as well. Which i believe is part of the drainage which last collection was only 10 cc so she is doing well there too.
Tomorrow will be hard since it is day 3 and every surgery i have done - which this is #11 for our family - is the hardest. So keep praying for Taylor's comfort. She is in good hands all the way around. They want her to start getting mobile tomorrow which also will be hard. We have her sitting upright at the moment.
Another Praise.... the family with the 13 day old baby - the husband is a pastor's son and they are all strong Christians - also praying for us and visa versa. This is their third child and she was born with her intestines outside and after putting them back in she had a blockage. So keep Baby N in prayer as well.
This should be my last post tonight - i am very tired and my cold is getting aggravated so need the rest. Thank you all again for the wonderful support - we are just blown away by all the outpouring of prayer support for us and Taylor. God Bless you all.
Lavonne - 11-3-09 (4)


Laurie McLean said...

Hi, Lavonne. Checking in and it is good to see that she is sleeping peacefully and you sound like you've gotten a little sleep and are pretty peaceful too. Hope this is a good night. Praying they are able to adequately address the pain as they ease off the morphine. That can be tough. I'm glad she is reaching for you and needing you there. Wish I could send some hot soup and a warm blanket your way. I know those hospital chair/bed things are not so comfortable.


Heather BT said...

Continuing to pray for you and your little roommate.

scdotson said...

Praying for you in Spokane,WA. Hope everything goes well!
Take Care,