Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sat update

Seattle Police Officer Funeral
We finally got out of the hospital after getting copies of x-rays, meds and breakfast..... a 9:30 am
I had heard someone mention there was a police officers funeral. There was no warning but suddenly we were being directed and all these police cars were filing out of the parking lot of the University Stadium - it took us 40 mins to get out of the U district back to I-5 and then on the way home.
Keep this officers family in prayer - he was assassinated on Halloween night - tonight it has been reported they believe they have found and arrested the man who shot him.
We'll we got home closer to 11 am. I was thankful we had not gone home Thurs night - we had rain and thunderstorms all night and they had moved the direction where we lived so just missed them when we got home.
Scott was cleaning the place and had just gotten home from the parent - teacher conference... the kids are doing very good - could work on being less social :-)
Taylor had lunch and then crashed and was feeling some pain so did some meds and did pretty good. Wanted to be pretty independent. She was climbing stairs and playing slowly with the kids.
Today she had a pretty good day - had a few tough moments, Scott cut the kids hair and they had a bath - Taylor a sponge one. We are still working on getting the fluids in her. She has not gotten her appetite back yet.
So overall, Taylor is doing well and improving daily. Tuesday afternoon we have a post-op apt. My mom arrives at 2pm tomorrow (Sun) to stay until Sat to help with Taylor.... and see the kids. Her birthday is Monday - so we will have a special dinner tomorrow and tonight got a call from a friend who is in town from Thailand, so looks like he and his daughters will be joining us for dinner now. Never a dull moment at the Dideon home!

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