Friday, November 6, 2009

6 am news... doc's say go home! YA !!!

So i am just saying i am about to head into the shower, then pack up all our stuff and get it all loaded into the van. We have to get our meds and x-ray copy and then brave morning rush hour traffic home - so figure we'll be home around the time Scott gets home with the kids from the parent-teacher conference this morning at school.

Then the family gets to hang out together all day since the kids are out of school, dad is home and we can just hang and rest.

Thanks again - have met some wonderful new friends through this, and just have appreciated all the prayers - God Bless you all and will keep updating from home.
Lavonne -11-6-09 (1)


Heather BT said...

Hope you got home and settled in okay!

Teresa said...

I'm thrilled that Taylor is doing better and you all are HOME and together ~ that is wonderful!!!! Please know we are continuing to keep you all in our prayers:)

Annie said...

Yay!!!! Hope Taylor continues to do well!!

hiroshi said...

So good. Congratulations! Please take care for her.