Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma

Have been trying all day to download a picture - but for some reason it will not work!

Yesterday was a pretty good day and Taylor has now gone 2 nights without meds.
Yesterday stayed home from church since was not sure how Taylor would do, and my mom was
flying in at 2 pm. A friend of ours also came into town Sat and called us that night wondering if they could come over, and then Scott's mom was in the area - so landed up having a full house over for dinner last night.

Went well and made stuffed chicken with Italian sausage and it was very tasty. Easy trick i put them in extra large muffin tins and don't have to mess with string or tooth-picks holding them together.

It was my mom's birthday on the 9th - so made a brownie cake and we all sang "Happy Birthday" it was the first time i had celebrated her birthday with her in about 15+ years. They are usually in Kona for her birthday and have to call her. She couldn't remember the last time someone sang to her - so it was something different and the kids made cards for her.

Taylor is getting pretty mobile and her movement is good except she now hunches over and will talk with the doctor about this - we seem him Tuesday afternoon.

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