Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New room for a few hours

Well it is 12:30 pm and here is the latest update on Taylor.
We left ICU at 11 am - if i had known what lay ahead i would have insisted on staying there.
We moved her bed and all our stuff from the 4th floor to the 3rd (Giraffe) to room G-3010 - i was expecting (since we have in the past) a private room - Nope! we had one of the nosiest rooms....
It was a Vietnamese family - who appears only has custody of the boy in the hospital (who is having seizures) there was at least 10 people in the other 1/2 of the room all chatting up a storm loudly, talking about Foster Parents, there was Social Workers, Interpreters....
I insisted they find us another room - since this was not acceptable for someone still on morphine coming out of ICU with little sleep - including me! (only about 2+ hrs for me)

So they will be moving us to another room with a quiet baby in a couple hours so now i sit with my stuff packed up again. So ready for some sleep again.

Taylor is managing - eating little bits of Jello, and drinking juice. She is peeing regularly but still is in pain - and will be for the next 1-2 days. I insisted they increase the dose again to help - she is sleeping right now, but her breathing is a bit more labored and i think it is all this noise and the move.

Have requested to see Dr Song to get an update and discuss a private room. I am hoping we will see Scott today. Did talk with him shortly and the kids did ok getting to school at 6 am. But know they will be very tired tonight. Also, Reagan has Cub Scouts which Scott was not sure they could make. He was going to bring me something hot since i have not left Taylor since 1:30 am.

This is part of our bonding and her trusting me through this. So want to be there and had packed food so i could not have to run to the Caf but also cheaper and they close at 8 pm.

It is cute Taylor keeps telling us now when she pee's since i am sure it feels uncomfortable to her and i don't think she has ever worn one.

Again thank you all for the amazing comments and prayers - also lift up Alex the boy in the ICU - i talked with his caregiver nurse. He is having liver failure, has a very rare condition and many things wrong with him. I said i would lift him up in prayer and ask that you do too. Interestingly his caregiver Rebecca recognized me - turns out her mother lives a few blocks away from us. Small world.


Kim said...


I'm just reading your updates now on your blog. Do you need some help with watching the kids so Scott can be at the hospital with you? I leave on my trip on Friday, so if I can help out an evening this week, please let me know. I'm thankful Taylor is through her surgery and that our prayers are being answered.


Teresa said...

Lavonne ~

I just finished reading your updates. I'm thankful Taylor is doing this well after surgery...I will email you some pain med ideas you may be able to run by the nurses to possibly help her be a little more comfy:) Please try to get some rest if you can get a chance to do so ~ everything is so much easier with a little sleep:) We will also pray for the three year old little boy as well. Please know we are keeping you all close in prayer:)