Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4 pm update - things are getting better

We are now out of room 3010 and in room 3017
Here are today's pictures and now can show a bit of the surgery area
they cut on the side which i think is better.
Here is when Scott was able to visit us - giving Taylor a drink of juice
Our room is now with a baby in a incubator so very quiet - it appears the family is not
staying since they have younger children too.
Well i just finished talking to the Grandmother who is my age and the little girl is 13 days old
she had intestine issues and not doing well. She also has a very sick 5 year old sister.
Please keep them in prayer too. Taylor and i just did.
Taylor with all her animals
So with the new meds it seems like things are helping Taylor cope better. She is already independently raising her bed herself when she needs to. Scott stayed a short while, brought me a hamburger and then i crashed for an hour - missing one of the doctors. But feel so much better now. Taylor is now fast asleep again, which i continue to encourage her to do so that she heals faster. We will also talk with a nutritionist to help her once home to not lose weight since she is so thin already. Dr. Song should be here soon. so hope to hear some updates on the latest x-rays.
Thanks again everyone!
Lavonne - 11-3-09 (3)


Amy said...

Looking good Lavonne!
Hang in there!

Annie said...

Will add this sweet baby to my prayers Lavonne!! So glad things seem to be going well but will keep Taylor in my prayers!!

Lindsey's mom said...

I am glad things are going well. Taylor is on a great floor! That is where Chelsea was! She was in 3017 if I remember right (during one of her 3 stays). I will be thinking of you and yours!! Hugs from Alaska!