Tuesday, November 3, 2009

9:30 AM report

Will try as morning settles to get more pix updates.
Taylor again is sleeping - most of the Dr's have made their morning rounds and the team has reviewed her night about 30 mins ago.

We seem to have the pain under control again, they cleaned lines, and changed her diaper. She is communicating her needs fairly clearly now and is constantly asking me to hold her hand to be with her when she is awake.

She has been drinking sips of water regularly and even a few more licks of chocolate pudding so they are thinking at this rate she should be out of ICU by later today - but time will tell.
I would prefer quiet, but do like the constant care she is getting to make sure she is in as little pain as possible.

The boy sharing the room is really struggling and his care nurse is here? I guess he has a full time nurse at home. Daddy was not doing very well getting him to obey and rest - poor thing but seems she is his answer and she is getting him to rest and do things the nurses want him to do.

I am thankful we have been open with Taylor and when we talk her through what is going to happen she is responding and communicating her needs and pain levels. There has been some anxiety but they are doing a mix of things to help this as well and she is much clearer now.
We have been doing breathing techniques that seem to help at times with the pain as well.

Hoping to see Scott later today - I know he is anxious to see Taylor - do miss not being able to see the kids - but should by Wed?
Lavonne - 11-3-09 (2)


Rhonda Austin said...

The kids and I prayed for Taylor last night during her surgery. We will continue to uphold your family in our prayers.

We love you guys!


learningtogether said...

Thank you for all the updates Lavonne. It's so good to know how to pray specifically.

Glad to hear she is stable and gaining ground.

Praying for you and Scott too.