Wednesday, November 4, 2009

9:30 PM update

Taylor continues to improve. We walked her to the toilet tonight and she went. She slept from 6-8 pm and then ate a bit. Then the nurse gave her meds and as we lifted her up to go to the bathroom, she threw-up - so tummy is still adjusting to eating - so my gut says it will be Friday morning she comes home? but we will see how tomorrow goes.

She has been very tired today, but making good progress. We even got to talk on the computer via Skype with the kids and Scott since they could not be here. So it was nice for them to see Taylor in bed and she could see them at home. They all have been missing each other lots. Scott says Kaitlyn has been constantly praying for Taylor it is very cute.

This morning Kaitlyn had a nightmare and he put her in his bed and realized Winston had already claimed a spot so had two visitors. It was a very long day for the kids so they were going to bed early. Hoping tomorrow will be a good one for us all tomorrow. I am going to try and get to bed early. Still have not gotten to email - but will tomorrow - thank you all for wtg and praying.
Lavonne - 11-4-09 (3)

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Lindsey's mom said...

Glad things are improving!!! Prayers for a quick discharge!!