Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thurs morning update 8:45 am

So things started with a 6:30-7 am doc round and check. Then another x-ray and a bathroom run. Taylor all night has been getting up with the nurse and going to the bathroom on her own so this is good. At about 7:30-8 am they took her off the monitoring equipment and lowered her IV liquids in hopes she will drink more.

I got up and had a shower and she was hungry so ate what was left from yesterday and then we got on Skype again and talked with the kids and Scott around 8:15 am before they headed for school. But then Taylor was exhausted and is sleeping again. The breakfast tray arrived and we'll have it after her nap.

So we will see how she does this morning with liquids and food - if she does ok - then later today she can leave, if not then it will be tomorrow morning - either way we are making progress and she continues to do well. The doctors are very happy on how things are going.

So will try and update later - i am still tired too so will try and take a catnap too :-)
Lavonne 11-5-09 (1)

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Maggie S said...

Dear Lavonne,
You are such a brave and beautiful mommy. Your serenity and stamina are a challenge to me to be better in my daily life and braver in what I take on. I am praying for Taylor and you and all the rest of the Dideon Family.
Hope to visit more soon.
(Isaiah's Mommy)