Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Still working on that perfect dose

It is 6 am and i finally tried to get something to eat around 1:30 AM. I got back at 2 AM and she was in a lot of pain and restless, we upped the morphine and it seemed to work a bit, but then it changed again and so we continue to increase the levels and timing - but any movement is painful for her right now. They just came in and did an x-ray of her chest - so hope to hear more. The kid sharing the room just pulled out his chest tube and they are running around trying to get him cleaned up. Not sure what he had done - he is about 3 yrs old and it seems to be with his lungs. Pray for this little guy named Alexander - he keeps wanting to pull various tubes and they i think are going to put the No No's on him to stop him from doing this.

We had a hard time talking Taylor into peeing into her diaper. She has been so well potty trained this was a strange concept for her. But we got lucky and she finally has a little. She started drinking water through a straw around 3 am and have been regularly giving this to her. She even asked for food and we gave her about 1/2 a teaspoon if that of chocolate pudding - but for me this is a good sign.

I have gotten a couple 1 hr sleeps in (not deep) and hope to get at least one more in? She is finally asleep again and it is 6:20 am - so think i will try and get mine now too.
Lavonne 11-3-09 (1)

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Laurie McLean said...

Praying for you and good pain control for your little Taylor. I hope she will see and feel your presence near her and allow that to comfort her. Laurie