Thursday, November 5, 2009

Staying the night - tomorrow we go home - YA!

Taylor on her walk
Ok, we just did not hit our goal of drinking enough - so we will be staying the night. She has had a couple tough moments when the pain was still pretty bad and the tears came. But she usually bounces back.
Tonight we got close to our drinking goal, but then we just were not very hungry. So will keep working on this. Talked with Scott and the kids on Skype again which is so nice to be able to see each other. The kids brought home a poster from Taylor's classmates which they all signed and said to get well soon. It was very precious - so could see it on the Skype.
The whole school is praying for her to get better and we keep getting new emails of people praying for her - so it is so wonderful to know about so many out there praying and thinking about her.
So the goal is to be out by around 9 am tomorrow? It is almost 9 pm and she is out cold sleeping. I am hoping she gets a good sleep and then we can enjoy a good breakfast and get home and just keep improving. Grandma Rempel is flying in on Sunday to help us out next week which is also a great help.
Thanks again everyone!
Lavonne 11-5-09 (3)


Lesa and Samuel said...

Taylor is so beautiful!!

So glad your going home tomorrow!

Lindsey's mom said...

Go Taylor!!! Big hugs from up north!

Vissers said...

Hi Dideon Family,
We have a daughter with Poland's Syndrome, from China just as your daughter. Hope all goes well with her! We did not have any chest issues; she does miss the chest muscle, but the rest is developed normally. Well, all the best with her recovery!
Mother of Casper (7, bio), Ying Xin (5, SN, Zhejiang, China) and H. (SN, still in China)
The Netherlands