Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Kaitlyn

Happy 6th Birthday
The Teapot Cake (I made)
Checking out the gifts
Most of the party girls
The spread mommy put on for the girls
The table set for 14 princesses

We had a Princess Tea Party for Kaitlyn and 12 or 14 of her close friends on Sunday at our place. They loved it. I labored over the decorations and setting up the table with tea and tea party like foods with a theme of Kaitlyn's favorite food being Strawberries. I even puree strawberries and froze them in heart shape ice cubes.

They had cold apple tea (apple juice) and i made for the first time a Teacup cake with fondant - and 8 little teacup cupcakes that turned out well. Over all it was a success - but was definitely tired after cleaning up Sunday night. Last night when we got home i made mini cupcakes for school and another cake to celebrate today with at home as a family. So i think it was a good day. Tomorrow she'll get to open her last present that arrived in the mail from G & Grandma Dideon in VA.

Lavonne 10-8-09


Annie said...

Wow, Lavonne!!! Looks like a beautiful party!! I am certain Kaitlyn had a great day!! I am super impressed by that cake you made! You are very talented!!!

Amy said...

Awesome party!
(Our birthdays are very small by comparison...I don't think my kids even know 12-14 other kids their age! LOL! Country living...)


Tricia said...

That cake is awesome!!! I do believe one of my girls will have to have a tea party birthday one day.