Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dideon Moon Cakes

So this year we thought we would add to our traditions and
include the Moon Festival.
This includes making Moon Cakes. I ordered a wooden mold and
found various recipes.... well they actually tasted good but need to
perfect the look - i think i cooked them too long. ??
They have a pattern in the mold. I have now ordered a plastic one that is
easier than the traditional one with 4 different removable plates for different designs.
My neighbor is known to be good at making these, so will be asking her to train me
to perfect this treat so it looks and tastes like it should and save on the $$ in buying
an authentic one.
We also have 2 books on the history to read about this festival.
Next year plan on having a group of families over to celebrate together
this year we had one other family.
Lavonne 10-12-09

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