Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sensory and all tha stuff ???

This month is Sensory Awareness Month. We have recently learned that both Taylor and Kaitlyn struggle with this. Another adoptive mother has dedicated her blog this month to educating others on this disorder. To save duplicating her efforts she gave me permission to link her blog to mine so others can also learn about SPD.

We have spent the past few months struggling to find the right therapy for both our daughters since each suffers from the same disorder, but in a different way. Many days are tough at home when one or both of them are struggling. It is heaven when they both are on track!!

http://crazy-eight.blogspot.com/ starting with Monday October 5th, 2009
it is a long one but full of great info including check lists and an understanding what SPD or SID is.


Annie said...

Thank you Lavonne!!!

China Dreams said...

This really is common, and you can have sensory problems without the disorder. My three year old grandson spent the last six months not wanting a bath, not eating anything with texture, shrieking if he was ever held in a sideways or upside down position (unless it was his parents or myself, who he knows he can trust). He also "freaked out" for lack of a better expression if he was asked to go barefoot or wear sandals with a wedge between the toes. Almost all of it has passed now.

Best of luck to both of your girls.