Thursday, July 2, 2009

can you say Disney?

Disneyland - the greatest place on earth!
Well last night we finally booked our trip to CA and AZ. It has been 8 years since i was in AZ for my cousin's wedding and she is visiting her parents and after a lot of debating could we afford and looking at another opportunity we bit the bullet.
We told the kids last night and they are just thrilled. We of course are doing this on the El Cheapo route... camping in our new 8 man tent which we want to test run this wknd... and our new car roof carrier since we have no room in the mini-van. We stay 2 nights in Anaheim and that is it. We will see some friends in San Jose and then family in Simi Valley or Palm Springs and then down to AZ. The kids guardians are there and it is time they get to know them esp in case something were to ever happen to us. So we leave on the 15th and we will celebrate Scott's and Reagan's birthdays in this hot weather. We will be picnicing daily - we'll see how the kids last. We have one portable DVD player for them to share and i already have made a menu plan to keep groceries down. We'll do lots of fruit too.
Friends of ours also shared about a software program for little money that helps you max your time at Disney so you get what you want in - and not wait in lines much.
So will invest in this saving device and got a hotel at a good price - the Ramada across the street
so we can just walk there. It was Feb 02 when we did Disneyworld and 1991 when I did Disneyland with my mom, sister and grandmother - so this is long overdue!
On the work front... have two logo's being worked on, business is registered, laptop ordered, Monday will do other licences etc and start setting up bank accounts, and work all week on my business plans. So it is exciting - had my share of bumps already from downed internet, changing providers, computer not shipping, more kids getting sick.... oh the joys of motherhood...
We will have fun this SUMMER!!
Lavonne 7-2-09

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Deborah said...

What is your new business?
Have fun in Disney! My kids are begging to go back Spring Break 2010!